Vietnam International Fashion Fair
Vietnam International Industrial Fair
Vietnam Exhibition Fair Centre Joint Stock Company
Giang Vo Spring Fair


Organizer: Vietnam Exhibition Fair Centre Joint Stock Company (VEFAC JSC)
Time: October 08th – 11th, 2019

Hosts: Vietnam National Organizing Board

State Organizing Committee consists of leaders of Ministries, Branches:
• Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism• Ministry of Investment and Planning
• Ministry of Industry & Trade • Ministry of Health
• Ministry of Transportation• Ministry of Construction
• Ministry of Science and Technology • Ministry of Environment & Resources
• Ministry of Information & Communications • Ministry of National Defence
• Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development• Hanoi People’s Committee

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Exhibit Profile

* Machine tools (Metal cutting, Metal forming) 
Boring machines
Broaching & Shaping machines
CNC Machinery (all types)
Cutting Tools & Tooling systems
Die casting machines
Drilling & Tapping machines
Finishing machines
Grinding machines
Grinding wheels & Abrasives
Gears & Gear devices
High speed steel tools
Diamond CBN tools
Machining centres
Machine tool accessories
Manufacturing systems
Metal working, metal working machinery & accessories
Milling machines
Roll formers & Rolling mills

Precision measuring machines and instruments
Shearing equipment
Testing machinery & Equipment
Tube machinery
Oil hydraulic, water hydraulic and pneumatic machinery
Welding machines & Equipment
Wire machinery
Woodworking equipment
… Other associated machinery and equipment, raw materials, technologies and publications.
* Packaging – Printing & related converter machinery
Direct Packaging machinery
Packaging meterial making machine
Packaging test machine
Packaging machinery accessories
Packaging product making machines
Plastic Packaging machines
Printing machinery
… Others
* Plastic
Mould bases
Mould tooling design
Mould polishing machines
Mould & Mould standards
Plastic moulding machines
… Others
* Automation
Controller – Batch
Controller – CNC, DNC, Machine
Controller – Robots & Robot
Controller – Safety systems
Controller – Temperature, PID & Loop
Displays & Monitors
Enclosure coolers, Air conditioners & Heat exchanges
Energy & Power management
Ethernet switches, Routers & Hubs
Field automation, RTU & SCADA systems
Gears & Gearmotors
Intrinsic safety barriers, switches, isolators
Motor contactors, staters & control
Motors drives & amplifiers
Operator interfaces, Text & Graphic displays
Power distribution
Pump, Pump controls & Metering pumps
Relays & Solenoids
Robot, Robot arms & accessories
Safety instrumented system (SIS)
Sensors (all types)
Signal conditioner, Converters & Isolators
Software – CNC, DNC & Machine control
Software – Development systems, Operating systems
Software – Motion control
Software – PC-Based control
Software – Security
Software – Test-Mesurement
Valves – Control
Valves – Solenoid
Vision Sensors, Cameras, Systems
Hand Tools, Tooling hardware & fastermer
… Others
* Ceramics Industry Expo
Mine Equipment and Engineering Machinery
Grinding Machinery and relative equipment
Calcination and Cooling equipment
Transport equipment
Ore feed and metering equipment
Waste gas treatment equipment
Bulk Cement and Pack Cement equipment
Technological process control and automation technology
Power Generation by waste heat facilities
Products and technology of refractory material for kiln
Facility lubrication and Grease oil
Waster Material disposal and using technology and equipment
* Cement Industry Expo
Batching and Weighing.
Pressing, Forming and Casting.
Drying, Firing and Heating Units.
Sorting, Packaging, Handling, Storage.
Quality and Process Control
Analyzes and Laboratory Equipment.
Surface Treatment and Finishing Machines.
Screen Printing Products and Equipment.
Tools, Spare Parts and Accessories.
Environment Protection, Purification and Soundproofing Equipment, Safety Devices
* Agriculture Machinery Expo
Tractor and power
Soil cultivation
Fertilizing & Pest Control
Produce sorter
Harvesting / post-harvest
Hay making
Obsolete farm machinery