Vietnam International Fashion Fair
Vietnam International Industrial Fair
Vietnam Exhibition Fair Centre Joint Stock Company
Giang Vo Spring Fair



1/ General Information

+ Venue: International Center for Exhibition (I.C.E), 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

+ Time:



For exhibitors

For visitors

For traders

Show time

9:00a.m – 5:30 p.m on Oct. 8th – 11th

Daily opening time for exhibtiors’ preparation: 8:00a.m

Opening Ceremony

Oct. 8th


VIP Tour

Oct. 8th


Specific time

Oct. 8th

  9:30a.m – 5:30p.m

11:00a.m –  5:30p.m

10:00a.m – 5:30p.m


Oct. 9th  and 10th  

  9:00a.m – 5:30p.m

  9:00a.m –  5:30p.m

  9:00a.m – 5:30p.m



  9:00a.m – 3:00p.m

  9:00a.m – 12:00p.m

  9:00a.m – 3:00p.m

2/ In-Hall operation schedule

Construction period
– Special stand Construction/Move in: 8.00a.m – 6.00p.m, Oct.5th – 6th / 8.00a.m – 12.00p.m, Oct. 7th
– Decoration for package stands: 8.00a.m – 6.00p.m, Oct.5th – 6th
– Dismantling period/ Move out: 3.00pm – 12.00am, Oct. 11th – 12th

** The above schedule is subject to change and exhibitors will be informed of any changes at the earliest possible time. Exhibitors will be informed of detailed run down of the Opening Special Function during the move-in period. Exhibitors are requested to set up and keep their booths staffed throughout the entire exhibition period. No booths should be empty or unmanned during the opening hours.

3/ Official Freight Forwarder:
Exhibitors entering own goods in stand. Please note exhibitors will have to take care of their own material,
unless they have contracted below mentioned official handling agents and freight forwarders.

1-APT Showfreight Vietnam Co., Ltd
Unit 4A2, No. B9-D6, Cau Giay New Urban Area, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (84-4) 3512 4130/31 – Fax: (84-4) 3512 4131
Contact: Le Huong (Ms) – H/P : (84) 903 279921

2- Schenker Vietnam Co., Ltd
Hanoi Branch Office (Contact person: Mr. Linh David – Email:

3.1. Move-in / out schedule
– Move in big items: 8.00a.m – 6.00p.m, Oct.5th – 6th
– Move in for standard booth: 8.00a.m – 6.00p.m, Oct. 7th
– Move out: 3.00pm – 12.00am, Oct. 11th – 12th

3. 2. Goods Onsite Handling – Transportation – Logistics

Each exhibitor is responsible for the logistic of their own material sent to the exhibition. To secure and facilitate the remittance of materials, customs clearance, storage, exhibition set up and dismantling process, the Organization has appointed 2 official custom broker, on-site handling agent, and international freight forwarders as mentioned above.

Exhibitors requiring onsite handling service should contact the official freight forwarder 2 weeks before move-in day. A packing list with full information such as description, volume, quality, dimensions, gross weight of each item of their cargo should be provided to the said forwarder in order to pre-arrange move-in plan and handling equipments.

4/ Rules and Regulations on Operation at the Venue – I.C.E Ha Noi
Article 1: Before staff, workers, exhibits, equipment etc. move in the Exhibition Hall, exhibitors and contractors should read carefully and comply fully with the “Rules and Regulations” issued by the Management Board of I.C.E. Hanoi.

Article 2: Registration Procedures
2.1 In order to get the permit for entering the Exhibition Hall, all the contractors are requested to fill in the following forms:
– Form 1: Booth Construction Registration
– Form 1A: Booth construction for non-official contractor only.
– Form 1B: Worker pass & Overtime work registration

2.2 Depending on specific requests, exhibitors and contractors are requested to refer to the following forms:
– Form 2: Rental Furniture.
– Form 3: Additional electrical & 24/24 electrical rental
– Form 4: Other rental items

2.3 All orders must be accompanied with full payment to: Capital Exhibition Service JS.,Co, at Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – Ha Thanh Branch , Bank account: 122 10 37 003644 1 (USD) or 1221 0000 995399 (VND) Swift code: BIDV VNVX, Add: 74 Tho Nhuom Str., Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi city, Vietnam

Article 3: Hand-over of booked space
Both parties will sign the Report on “handover of booked space” confirming the status of the exhibition space to be handed over. This Report will served as a basis for the contractor to return the booked space to the ICE Management Board after the closing of the exhibition.

Article 4: Booth Construction
4.1 When entering and during the working hours at the Exhibition Hall, all workers and staff must wear “Worker Badge”
4.2 For overtime works, overtime move-in of exhibits or equipment, please refer to form 1B
4.3 Extreme strong adhesive tape of any sort is no allowed to be used for installing of carpet on the floor. Referring the sort of permitted tape at I.C.E Ha Noi office.
4.4 All preparing steps (cutting, Sawing, chiseling or spray painting…) for booth’s materials must be completed before transferring into the hall to set up.
4.5 All the equipments having hard bottom must have protecting ways such as covering platform by rubber or soft material before moving and putting them on the floor.
4.6 During the set-up, construction, decoration…, the contractors must pay compensation incase:

1) Intentional Errors
– Intentionally drilling, making holes in the floor, on the wall, pillar or other facilities of the exhibition hall. Intentionally disposing glue, paint or other chemicals in the exhibition area. Intentionally connecting electrical equipment to the power source without notifying the Management Board.
– Disposing waste, materials, additives etc. which can cause damage to the common passages or to the operation of other contractors
– Displaying exhibits beyond the limit of the exhibition booth, hanging or sticking advertisement posters, banners without the permission of the Management Board
– Incompliance with regulations regarding teardown schedule, cleaning, power safety, fire prevention etc.
The fine ranges between VND 2,000,000 – VND5, 000,000 plus the cost of correction

2) Thoughtless errors
– Causing damage to the floor, walls, pillars, glass doors and windows etc. of the exhibition hall by using hard, sharp, sharp-pointed objects.
– Disposing waste, materials etc. during the Construction period which can cause damage to the common passages or other booths (the act of correction, however, has been taken)
– Operation of sound system, loudspeakers etc. which can cause noise to other booths or the public
– Being late in dismantling of booth or doing cleaning works
The fine ranges between VND1, 000,000 – VND2, 000,000 plus the cost of correction

3) Technical errors
Technical errors are identified as errors committed during the booth Construction period. However, these technical errors shall unlikely cause serious damage and be corrected in due time by contractors (technical errors do not include those mentioned above)
The fine ranges between VND300, 000 – VND1, 000,000 plus the cost of correction
* After being warned by the Management Board, if contractors will take no action of correction, the Management Board reserves the right to terminate the booth Construction work.

Article 5: Return of booked space
The users of booked space must return it to the ICE Management Board in the status as it was when the “Hand over Report” was made. Otherwise, the user will be responsible according to Article 4.










• Area: 329,241 sq. km
• Population: 93,421,835 inhabitants (in 2016)
• Weather: Vietnam lies in the tropics and monsoon
• Religion and Belief: The major religious traditions in Vietnam are Buddhism (which fuses forms of Taoism and Confucianism), Christianity (Catholicism and Protestantism), Islam, Caodaism and the Hoa Hao sect.

• Vietnamese traditional costumes
: Traditional costumes of the Vietnamese people tend to be very simple and modest. Men wear brown shirts and white trousers. Their headgear is simply a piece of cloth wrapped around the head and their footwear consists of a pair of plain sandals.

• Working hours:
+ Governmental agencies work 8 hours/day from 7:30am to 4.:30pm (excluding one-hour lunch). Saturday and Sunday are closed.

+ Banks are open from 8:00am or 8:30am to 11:30am and from 1:30pm to 4:00pm. Saturday and Sunday are closed.
+ Private shops are open from 8:00am or 8:30am to 9:00pm or 10:00pm.

• Working hours

January 1
New Year’s Day, (one day holiday)
March 10 (Lunar year)
Kings Hung’s Anniversary (one day holiday)
April 30
Saigon Liberation Day, (one day holiday)
May 1
International Labour Day, (one day holiday)
September 2
National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, (one day holiday)
Vietnam Traditional Lunar New Year Festival – Tet Nguyen Dan: (Four day holiday). Tet holiday usually falls at the end of January or middle of February by solar calendar. The holiday begins on the last day of the last lunar month and lasts through the first three days of the Lunar New Year (Tet Nguyen Dan)

• Working hours
– Vietnamese is the official language.
– Almost tourist guides speak languages: English, Chinese, French, Russian, Korean and Japanese.

• Transport in Hanoi:
* Airport Taxi charge a flat rate of US$ 15 (one-way) for cars from Noi Bai Airport to central Hanoi. The drive takes about 45 minutes. A minibus makes the trip for US$ 4 per person.
* Fare for buses No.86 from Hanoi station to Noi Bai airport is VND 30,000. It takes from 50 to 60 minutes. It opens from 5:30am to 10:30pm every day, from 25 to 30 minutes every turn.

• International Airports:
1- Noi Bai (Hanoi capital, Tel: +84 – 24 – 38 866 527)
2- Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh City, Tel: +84 – 8- 38 485 383 / 8 320 320)
3- Da Nang (Da Nang City, Tel: +84 – 511- 830 339).

• Useful Telephone Numbers:

National Domestic Direct Dialing Access Code
International Direct Dialing Access Code
Domestic Long Distance Telephone Service
Vietnam Paging Service (in English)
Paging Service Enquiries
Vietnam Paging Service (in Vietnamese)
Social and Cultural Information Clearing up Queries Service
Talking Yellow Pages
Connecting Customers to Consultants in the fields of healthcare, nutrition, drug preventive measures, law, informatics, construction, tourism, estate trading, education and training, intellectual property, love-marriage-family matters
International Telephone Service
Fire Brigade
Phone Number Enquiries
Time Inquiries
Ring Back Test
Advice on Telephone Repairs
133 / 131
Hanoi ABC Paging Service
Vinaphone Paging Service
International Telephone Service Rate
International Telephone Service Enquiries

• Taxi:

Airport Taxi:
Tel: +84-24- 38 733 333
Ha Noi Taxi
Tel: +84-24-38 53 53 53
Thanh Cong Taxi
Tel: +84-24-62 57 57 57
Vina Taxi
Tel: +84-24-32 86 86 86
ABC Taxi
Tel: +84-24-3219 1919
Ba sao Taxi
Tel: +84-24-32 32 32 32
Taxi Group
Tel: +84-24-3 853 53 53
Taxi Thu Do
Tel: +84-24-3 8333 333

• Hotels near the Fair site

Vietnam Trade Union Hotel (***)
Add: 14 Tran Binh Trong, Hoan Kiem, HaNoi
Tel: +84-24- 39421776/ 39421764/ 39424112
Fax: +84-24- 3942 4072
Melia Hanoi Hotel (*****)
Add: 44B Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi
Tel: +84 – 24 – 393 43343
Fax: +84 – 24 – 393 48688
Movenpick Hotel Hanoi (****)
Add: 83A Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi
Tel: +84-24- 38 22 28 00
Mayfair Hotel & Apartment Hanoi (**)
Add: 12 Yet Kieu, Hoan Kiem , Ha Noi
Tel: +84-24- 3 923 3839
Hanoi Eternity Hotel (***)
Add: 32 Yet Kieu, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi
Tel: +84-24-39412262
Fax: +84-24-39412258
Universal Boutique Hotel (***)
Add: 72B Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi
Tel: +84-24-66712244

• Other Hotels around Hanoi

Sofitel Metropole Hanoi Hotel
Add: 15 Ngo Quyen Str, Hoan Kiem Dist, Ha Noi
Tel: +84.24- 38266918
Fax: +84-24- 38266920
Green Park Hotel
Add: 48 Tran Nhan Tong St. Hanoi
Tel: +84.24- 3822 7725
Fax: +84.24- 3822 5977
Hanoi Melia – Hotel
Add: 44B Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi
Tel: +84.24- 3934 3343
Fax: +84.24- 3934 3344
Hanoi Nikko Hotel
Add: 84 Tran Nhan Tong Street
Tel: 84-24- 3822 3535
Fax: +84-24- 38223555
Thang Loi Hotel
Add: Yen Phu Str., Tay Ho Dist, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24- 38294211
Fax: +84-24- 38293800
Asean International Hotel
Add: 8 Chua Boc Str., Dong Da Dist. – Ha Noi
Tel: +84-24- 3852 9108
Fax: +84-24- 3852 9111
Hilton Hanoi Opera
Add: 1 Le Thanh Tong St., Ha Noi
Tel: +84-24- 3928 7471
Fax: +84-24- 3928 7452
Sofitel Plaza Hanoi
Add: 1 Thanh Nen Road – Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi
Tel: +84-24- 3928 7471
Fax: +84-24- 3928 7452

• Tours Booking
Hanoi Travel & Exhibition Service Center – Victoria Corp.

Add: 24 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84 – 24 – 3974 6872/ 3974 0084
Fax: +84 – 24 – 3974 6871
Contact: Ms. Do Thi Lan Phuong


Potomac Ho Tay Boating Restaurant
Add: 4 Thuy Khue st., Hanoi
Tel: +84-90-468 1998
1946 restaurant
Add: Villa 50 Mai Anh Tuan st. Hanoi
3 Yen Thanh Alley, 61 Cua Bac st., Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-6296 1946 ; +84-24-6326 1946
Ho Tay fried shrimp cake restaurant
Add: 1 Thanh Nien st, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24- 38290 737
Seasons of Hanoi
Add: 95B Quan Thanh st, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24- 38345 444
La Lua restaurant (wild rice)
Add: 6 Ngo Thi Nham st, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24- 39438 896
Van Nam restaurant
Add: 27B Ly Thuong Kiet st, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24- 39347 799
Ha Noi garden
Add: 36 Hang Manh st, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24- 38243 402
Nam Phuong restaurant
Add: 19 Phan Chu Trinh st, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24- 38240 926
La Vong grilled fish pies restaurant
Add: 14 Cha Ca str, Hanoi
107 Nguyen Truong To st, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24- 38253 929
Add: 10 Ly Quoc Su St, Hanoi
Cau Go st, Hanoi
Bat Dan st, Hanoi


Things to remember
Things do not to miss

• It’s in your best interests not to drink the tap water, especially after flooding!
• Avoid cyclo ride after dark.
• Dress modestly and appropriately when visiting local dwellings and religious sites, etc.
• Leave your valuables behind before a night out on the town, or going to the beach.
• When crossing the road, especially in Ho Chi Minh city, always keep looking to the left and right and walk slowly!
• Do not offer money directly to minority people – instead donate to a local charity or offer a small gift, such as pens.
• Try at least once the delicious, local street food.
• Always ask permission first before taking photographs, especially in minority areas.

• Sleeping out on deck on a boat in Halong Bay
• Ordering custom-made clothes from the local tailor shop
• Taking a slow cyclo ride through the French Quarter of old Saigon
• Eating pho ga (chicken noodle soup) at a street side noodle stalls.
• Watching the traditional water – puppet performance in Hanoi.
• Experience the full moon festivities in the ancient town of Hoi An.
• Drinking rice-wine in the minority villages of the north
• Taking a boat along Hue’s Huong (Perfume) River, visiting the Royal Mausoleums.
• Overnight in a homestay in the Mekong Delta’s riverside orchards.
• Bartering for a bargain at Saigon’s largest market, Ben Thanh Market
• Taking a stroll through Hanoi’s Old Quarters.

•RESTAURANTS FOR VEGETARIANS (recommended for daily meals)

Ha Thanh Restaurant
No. 116, Alley 166, Kim Ma st, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-7263381
Truc Lam Trai
No. 39 Le Ngoc Han, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-62781848
Com Chay Sen Vàng
Add.: No. 12, Alley 71 Linh Lang, Cong Vi, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-3760 6261
Dakshin – Indian vegetarian restaurant
Add.: 94 Hang Trong, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-39286871/ 3928687
Thien Phat Chay
Add.1: 91 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-39410 584
Add.2: 46 Phan Boi Chau, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-3938 0155
Bo De Tam Restaurant
Add.1: 68 Pham Huy Thong st, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-37245872
Add.2: 89 Nguyen Khuyen st, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-37475663
Loving Hut (Set menu)
Add.: 3/10, Alley 121 Chua Lang, Dong Da, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-66751197
Nang Tam
Add.: 79A Tran Hung Dao st, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-38221530

• Your Options by cuisine type

Korean Cuisine
GoGi House – Korean BBQ
Add.1: 22B Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Add.2: GF, BigC Thang Long Shopping Centre, Tran Duy Hung, Hanoi
Tel: +84-1900 6622
Ko Koong
Add: 2 Lieu Giai Str., Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-37624331
Jong Ga
Add: 511 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-37718271
Korean Noodle
Add: 8B Lang Ha, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-37724520
Indian Cuisine
Namaste Hanoi
Add: 94 Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-39286872
India Palace
Add: 78 Xuan Dieu Str., Tay Ho, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-37195995
Tandoor Restaurant
Add: 24 Hang Be, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-38245359
Add: 1C Tong Dan, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-39345657
Russian Cuisine
Add: 102 Mai Hac De, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-39743089
Little Dream Restaurant
Add.: 9 Pham Su Manh St, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-3824 3922
Czech Cuisine
Bohemia Pivo
Add: 47 Quoc Tu Giam, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-37323566
Add: 34G Tran Phu, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-3747 2900

• Entertainment

Thang Long puppet concert
Add: 57B Dinh Tien Hoang
tel: +84-24- 38255 450
National Puppet Concert
Add: 361 Truong Chinh st, Ha Noi
Tel: +84-24- 35630 242
Youth concert
Add: 11 Ngo Thi Nham st, Ha Noi
Tel: +84-24- 39436 636
National Cinema Centre
Add: 87 Lang Ha Str., Hanoi
Tel : +84-24-3514 1791

• Shopping address in hanoi

Vincom City Towers
Add: 191 Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi
Tel : +84-24-39748888
Trang Tien Plaza
Add: Trang Tien str, Ha Noi
Lotte Center Hanoi (Department store, Lotte Mart)
Add: 54 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Tel: +84-24-3 724 7510
Hapro Mart
Add: D2 Giang Vo, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi
Tel: +84-24-8344103
Oriental House
Add: 28 Nha Chung, Hoan Kiem Dist
Tel: +84-24-3828 5542
Craft Link
Add: 43 Van Mieu Str , Dong Da Dist
Tel: +84-24-38437710
Parkson Shopping mall
Add: 198B Tay Son Str., Hanoi
Tel: +84-24- 35 378 666
Hang Da Galleria Shopping mall
Add: Cua Dong ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.
Tel: +84- 24- 2220 9999