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Giang Vo Spring Fair


Allocation and use of Exhibition Space
Application for participation is to be made prescribed. Based on the sort of exhibits, time of registration and making deposit … also considering exhibitors request, the Organizing Board wil assign space for exhibitor on “first come, first served” basis. Exhibitor shall not underlet the space allocated by the Organizing Board nor use the space for any other purposes.
Space allocation will be done by the Organizing Board only upon receipt of 50% of rental payable along with the application. Remaining 50% of space rental is payable 10 days before the opening day of the Fair (Please include bank commission charges). The deposit (50% of contact value) will not be refundable. For withdrawal, exhibitor should serve a notice to the Organizing Board in writting within 60 days prior to the Fair opening day, and if exhibitor have paid 100% contract value, 50% of deposit will be refunded.
Possession of space
Possession of space and stand will be given, only upon receipt of full payment. 4-6 days for raw space, 2 days for package stands before the opening of the Fair. This display of stand must be finished at 9pm lastest by the day before opening day.
Exhibit Transportation
The Organizing Board will assist exhibitor to complete formalities to transport exhibits to the venue where the Customs clearance wil be done in the presence of exhibitor of his/her procurator. Exhibitor will be charged for all expenses of transport, loading/unloading, warehousing … including Customs fees, and bear any risk, damage during the move-in/move-out, to/from Fair venue.
Construction of Stand
Official contractor will co-ordinate with Organizing Board to build package stands. Special design by exhibitor will have to be within the architectural controls and getting approval by the Organizing Board before actual construction is started. No stand will be allowed to be exceed 3m in height nor use passages inside the hall for construction, wood work, painting and for storage of exhibits.
Exhibitor will be responsible for removal of empties, waste materials at least 12 hours before the opening of the Fair. Otherwise, the Organizing Board will have the right to remove all above cases out of exhibition hall and all expenses for removing will be born by exhibitor. Exhibitor should take all neccessary precautions to prevent any harm done to the fair venue property, and is liable to compensate any damages of venue property caused by his/her staff.
Operation of stand
All exhibitors are requested to wear badges in the Fair venue. Staff of exhibitors must be present half an hour before opening and half an hour after closing everyday to take care of his/her stand. When arriving at stand in the morning, should exhibitor find something loss, damage, exhibitor must keep the status-quo and inform the Organizing Board immediately to settle. At least 3 days after the close of the Fair, all exhibits and other materials must be moved out of the Fair venue. Packing up ahead of closing time is not permitted.
The Organizing Board will make the general security arrangements 24 hours. However, exhibitors will be responsible for the security of their own exhibits and their belonging. The Organizing Board is not liable for any loss, damage occurred during opening time everyday.
No other body, except the Organizing Board, will be allowed to provide security services in the Fair venue.
For all need of hiring temporary personnel, exhibitors have to submit a name list to the Organizing Board for approval and getting badges for these personnel working in the fair venue.
Fire Prevention
The Organizing Board is authorised to limit demonstration of all materials which are in its sole discretion deemed to be potential fire hazards, and is entitled to remove them from exhibition halls in order to ensure the security. All expenses for the removal shall be born by exhibitor.
Absolutely forbidden moving inflammable or explosive into exhibition halls, using electricity to cook, heat, dry materials exhibition halls. No smoking is allowed in exhibition halls. No smoking is allowed in exhibition halls.
When daily opening time is over, before leaving the stand, exhibitor must check all electrical equipment and switch electrical devices off (especially in case the power is suddenly cut out during opening hours). In case of fire hazards, exhibitors have to inform immediately the fire fighter team, keep calm, cut off electric interrupters, use fire extinguishers to put out the fire, show the way out to visitors. Exhibits must not obstruct passage, telephone connections, fire extinguishers and outlets of water.
For the safety of exhibits and display material, exhibitors are advised to take out adequate insurance against loss, damage, fire, thief, accident on any cause whatover. They should also obtain the 3rd party insurance cover move-in/dismantling/move out/warehousing period.
Change of date and venue
In case of necessary, the Organizing Board reserves the right to change the venue or date of the Fair, and will inform exhibitors the new date of new venue at least one month before the old date. Space rental contracts will remain effective for the new date of new venue.
Power and water
Except the Organizing Board and official contractor, no one is authorised to undertake any installation of water and electricity equipment in the exhibition hall. The Organizning Board will disconnect any electrical supply which may be dangerous to visitors or cause annoyance to other stands. Power will be supplied on opening time. During the move-in and move-out period, power will be supplied as requested.
Refusal of Admission
Whenever necessary, the Organizing Board reserves the right to refuse any person admission to the Fair venue at the request of competent authourities for the interest of the Fair.
The Organizing Board will provide exhibitor with active assistance, but is not responsible for applying for visa. The fact that exhibitors is unsuccessful in obtaining visa will not be an alleged reason to cancel the contract. Exhibitors mus strictly observe the immigration rules of Vietnam.
Violation of rules
The event of violation of these rules and regulations, the Organizing Board will have the right to close down the stand of exhibitor, and the exhibitor will have the juridical responsibility for his/her violation.
Addition of Regulation
Whenever necessary, to ensure the smooth management of the Fair, The Organizing Board will issue additional regulations. Exhibitors are requested to observe also these additional regulation.